Freshwater pH Test Kit – API Freshwater PH Test Kit, 250 tests per Kit (Review)

Freshwater pH Test Kit – API Freshwater PH Test Kit, 250 tests per Kit

Having an aquaponics aquarium, even as a hobby, will give you plenty of work. Besides cleaning, you will need to know the pH value of the water and all other numbers in order to make a perfect living place out of your fish tank. Today, we will review the Freshwater pH Test Kit – API Freshwater PH Test Kit (250 tests per Kit) and how it can help you in managing your aquarium for aquaponics gardening.

Freshwater pH Test Kit - API Freshwater PH Test Kit, 250 tests per Kit

First things first- You need to know what this product contains in the packaging and what to expect!

You will find in this kit:

  • Dropper bottle
  • Test solution
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Color chart
  • Glass tube with lid for 250 tests for pH level from 6.0 to 7.6 ppm

You are probably wondering why a pH test is even needed at all. pH is the measure of acidity of the water. A pH reading of 7.0 is neutral, a pH higher than 7.0 is alkaline, and a pH lower than 7.0 is acidic. It is important to keep a proper pH value in your fish tank so that your fish won’t experience any difficulties. Most freshwater tanks should have a pH of between 6.5 and 7.5.

Most saltwater tanks should have a pH higher than 8.0.

It is important to monitor the pH of your fish tank frequently. The sad fact is that your fish tank is having a pH imbalance there are no signs, and even a small change in pH has a big impact on the acidity and alkalinity of water. You can keep a record of your pH readings in a notepad and that will help you notice some of patterns, so you can find a solution.

Testing Tips

Just like test strips, with this one too, you have to wait some time, so the fluid will change color, and then you can compare it with a color chart in order to determinate values.

This test kit measures pH from 6.0 to 7.6. Certain freshwater fish thrive at a pH above 7.5. Live-bearers, goldfish and African cichlids thrive better at a pH of 7.5.

How to use API fresh water pH test kit:

First, you need to read instructions thoroughly before testing. Keep test solutions out of aquarium reach. If you don’t know how to remove child proof safety cap, here is a mini instruction: With one hand, push red tab left with thumb while unscrewing cap with free hand.

Add about 5ml of water in a clean test tube, and then add three drops of Indicator Solution. You need to hold the dropper bottle in a vertical position. Put the cap on a test tube and turn it several times just to mix solution. Be careful not to put a finger over the end of tube since that can show incorrect results.

Use pH Color Chart to match the color of the solution you got in the tube. It is best to view it against some white area and put the chart near the tube. The closest match you have is the pH of the water sample. In the end, rinse the test tube with clean water after every use.

Here are just some of recommended pH levels:

A pH of 7.0 is the best value when keeping a community aquarium that has a variety of tropical fish. Goldfish should have their own aquarium and prefer a pH of 7.5. Many Amazonian fish, such as angelfish and neon tetras, prefer a pH of 6.5 to 6.8. Mollies and swordtails thrive at pH 7.2 to 7.5. To raise or lower the pH of a freshwater aquarium, use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals pH UP or pH Down, following the instructions on the packaging. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Proper pH 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5 powders automatically adjust the pH to the preset level. If you are still not sure, you can check online for some directions or go to the nearest aquatic store.

How often should you use it?

Once in a week is more than enough. Materials that can be in the aquarium may change the pH of the water, which can stress the fish, or even cause their death, so it is better to know what’s going on.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to measuring the pH of the water in your aquarium, it is good to know some facts about the kit you are buying. Of course, every product has its pros and cons, but it is important to find the one that suits you and your fish tank.

  • API Freshwater has an affordable price, and that is one of the good things about this product. Also, there it very easy to use and doesn’t require any electronic devices. Just put some water in a tube, add a few drops and mix. Doesn’t get easier than that! Another good thing (and most important) about this kit is that it is very accurate. You don’t want to spend money on one that is cheap, easy to use, but inaccurate. That is not the case with this product.
  • The only bad thing according to some customers is that they bought this kit and it happened that there weren’t any tubes in it. If this happens to you, you could always return the product and ask for a replacement (it’s sold on Amazon, hence the seller has to comply with rules on returns and exchanges).

All in all, if you want a steady and reliable pH testing kit, you can choose this one. Especially if you have a limited budget to work with! Keep in mind that it is easy to use, so you can use it frequently knowing it won’t take too much time or effort.

To see out more features of the Freshwater pH Test Kit – API Freshwater PH Test Kit (250 tests per Kit), do check out its online store listing!