AquaSprouts Garden (Review)

AquaSprouts Garden: Introduction

If you would like to enjoy some eco sustainability and nature under your roof, you will surely never run out of options, however nothing does the best job if not the Aquasprouts Garden. This garden has been the talk of the town and the reason is that it features state-of-the-art construction and many glamorous features which will surely make it a trusted companion for any home or office make-up.

AquaSprouts Garden Aquaponics Kit

For instance, if you are afraid that the indoor lighting may not actually work out with the plants, the Aquasprouts Garden comes with a lighting kit which serves very well especially in winters when indoor lighting is expected to be in its lowest.

Features of AquaSprouts Garden

To grow things just the right way, excellent maintenance procedures needs to be routinely applied and with Aquasprouts Garden everything is just superb. The design used continuously circulates water from the aquarium right through the garden’s bed and the recycling ensures that regular addition of water into the system is largely done away with.

The fish excrement could be a source of concern for some; however, they are absorbed by the plants for as nutrients, so the water is left in a very clean state. This largely eliminates the need for having any additional filters or frequently applying water drainage changes.

Aquasprouts Garden enables you to stylishly combine your garden and the little aquarium thanks to the combined magnificent view of the fish and plants. The self-sustaining ecosystem brings out a unique natural setting which many people will find to be truly appealing thus making this product to be very suited for ornamental use.

Provided that the right selection of plants has been done, the only task that needs to be done is by feeding the fish though this is simplified as the system features an automated fish feeder.

The 10 gallon tank capacity is a highly welcomed feature in that many fish species like tetras, goldfish and guppies can thrive well in this kind of setting. Besides this, the plant variety permissible is also promising as it is possible to create a garden of assorted spinaches, lettuces, green onions, parsley, cilantro and so much more.

Plants can spread their roots deeply and even re-grow after being cut and this is made possible by having a deep nutrient-rich soil layer. The water capacity ensures that the fish and plants do eco co-exist thanks to the resulting sustainable environment.

AquaSprouts is made using the idea that anything can be beautiful yet at the same time fully living up to its unique usefulness. The sleek and highly streamlined design gives a unique visual appeal which as well as strength thanks to the black polycarbonate material which besides being strong is also scratch resistant.

Clay pebbles have been used as growing medium and this choice is highly applauded in that the plants benefit from the high water absorption capacity of the clay soil.

The crystal-clear glass display is perhaps one of the most recognizable units in the AquaSprouts system. It allows for full view of the fish and any other aquatic plant which may be in the lower compartment. For homes which do not have a good source of natural light, the transparent panel allows for light to enter; this is needed for the processes in supporting the eco-system.

The display can also be used to monitor the things happening inside the mini-aquarium.  It will thus be easy for you to check if it’s time to change the aqueous medium or even put in fresh feeds.


Good design. Having a visually appealing outlook is important. The aesthetic design of the AquaSprouts perfectly fits in at most settings and will draw appreciating looks. To add more to the visual appeal, all that is needed is to have a matching combination of plants and fish species in a distinctive location.

Little maintenance needed. AquaSprouts requires virtually no maintenance- You hardly have to worry about cleaning. The excretions act as fertilizers in that they are absorbed through the clay growing medium to be utilized by the plants. This leaves the water to be clean most of the times and if any change is needed it will definitely not be a strenuous task.

The robust construction gives the right strength which guarantees durability after having installed this system. Some little precaution should still be taken though – ensure that the immediate surrounding area doesn’t feature any item which can fall and hit the Kit as this will likely damage the plants and the glass display panel.

Light weight. The 24lbs weight is also a relief – moving this system becomes very easy if any relocation is required. Besides, the  dimensions (20” x 10” x 12”)  ensures that Aquasprouts Garden will easily fit on any flat surface without losing balance. No need to worry about strong winds damaging it!


Many customers who have tried Aquasprouts Garden on their homes or offices have little to complain about this system. The only noticeable drawback may be perhaps on its dimensions. If you require a larger system to grow more plants, the product’s dimensions (20” x 10” x 12”) may be considered a limitation. However, AquaSprouts Garden is still very useful for growing plants in areas with limited space, such as at home or the office.

Verdict/ Summary

Aquasprouts Garden is more than just a product. The platform makes it easier to thoroughly explore the natural eco-system in a relatively small setting. AquaSprouts fuels curiosity and enthusiasm to unmatched level as the interaction between the applied technology and nature is one combination which is really difficult to come across.

Installing the aquarium is very simple and the small space required means that you don’t have to worry about any unintentional space being consumed. The price is also reasonable (under $200) so you can get to enjoy the produce from this kit without much cost.

To view the product’s online store: Visit AquaSprouts Garden.